Monday, February 11, 2008

thank you

I have a friend who I met in the sixth grade. We were the perfect combination: she was funny, and I loved to laugh. We grew up together, and most of my favorite childhood memories involve her in some way. Among other things that we did that got us into trouble, she and I struggled through many a math class together.

She read my blog post from Saturday, February 9th that said, "I hate A's and B's." And she replied, "I hate A's and B's too. That's why I always preferred C's and D's."

I sat back on my couch, and I laughed out loud. When our premature babies hit us out of nowhere, I thought I would not only lose my mind, but also my humor. This event was so serious; this journey so full of despair. But as Mike and I started our life in the NICU, we realized that the only way to keep our sanity would be to meet this challenge the same way we did other events in our life - genuine and optimistic.

From the beginning, our friends and family have consistently reminded us who we are (we have forgotten a few times, that's for sure). And while we can not lose sight of our reality, we also can not lose sight of ourselves in the process. We are grateful to all of you who have formed a circle around Mike, Owen, Eliot and me, providing us with a peaceful place where we feel restored by the love, support, faith, hope, and - of course - laughter of our family and friends.

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