Thursday, September 30, 2010

zoo pics

Pics from our trip to the zoo today. So fun to still be vertical, and be able to enjoy time with the twins. (Also great that my mom went with us and pushed the stroller, because there was no way I was getting my very pregnant butt and O & E up some of those hills!)

Good times!

My sweet little meerkat.

My child who has no idea how to "just put your face in" for a little picture. I was nervous we weren't going to get his head out.

Feeding parakeets.

Getting a little bit of mommy's "nesting instinct."

"Holy crap! Did I just climb under a gorilla?"

Riding on the kimodo dragon . . .

the tiger . . .

and the monkey.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

then and now

For you twisted souls that requested an updated picture of my pregnant belly . . .

20 weeks pregnant.

38 weeks pregnant.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

full term

I am FULL TERM today. Can I get an Amen?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Some pics from our one-week lake vacation with the extended Axt family.

The Axt girls threw our new boy a baby shower!

And Owie was happy to attend because they had cupcakes.

Cousins getting ready for story time. I love how Owen and Zoe are two of a kind, and Eliot and Elijah sit toward the back and roll eyes at them.

Story with Uncle Mike/Daddy.

Heading to the lake with CeCe.

Ski biscuit rides with Dad . . .

And boat rides with BaBa.

More stories with CeCe . . .

And a special rendition of "The Little Engine that Could" with BaBa.

Eliot taking her turn on the knee board.

Great group shot with the grandkids.

Oh no! Where did Owen learn this face?

And where did El learn this one?

Ahhhhh . . . makes perfect sense.

Monday, September 6, 2010

gettin' greedy

35 weeks was my original goal, and while I am incredibly happy and relieved to be this far into my pregnancy, I'm getting greedy. I REALLY want two more weeks; I REALLY want to get to 37 weeks - which is considered full-term. Surely, I have already reached my lifetime quota of preemies, right?

I would post pictures of baby boy's cute little nursery, but it's not even close to being finished. The car seat isn't in the car, and the baby clothes and blankets aren't washed and folded in his drawers. He doesn't even have a middle name yet. I feel wildly unprepared.

The cashier at Lowe's last week said, "Are you ready?"
"For what?" I asked.
"For that baby that looks like it's coming soon."
I smiled at her - completely dumbfounded. And then I got in my car, called Mike and said, "Holy shit! We're having a baby."
To which he laughed. He laughed. (And that wasn't where the conversation ended, but the next few choice words paint me in a very poor light, and I don't want to ruin my rep on my own blog.)

Truthfully, all I have done is think about this baby NOT coming. Not this week baby, not this one either. I'll let you know baby, but NOT FREAKIN' YET.

And now, I only have thirty days left until my c-section on October 7th. I had no idea that I would actually outgrow my maternity clothes; or not be able to wear any of my shoes because my ankles have been rudely replaced by grapefruits; or not be able to bend down to pick up the twins' Thomas the trains from the family room floor because what I had for lunch will undoubtedly come spilling back up into my throat (payback for making light of Eliot's reflux all those months).

Trivial nonsense, I remind myself. Don't complain, I say. The third trimester is glorious, I repeat. Thirty more days . . .

I gasp.