Wednesday, February 20, 2008

suck it! the sequel . . .

The doctors turned the flow down on Eliot's canula on Saturday night, again on Monday, and again - to 1.5 - on Tuesday morning. She handled all of the decreases in oxygen beautifully. Because her oxygen setting is so low now, the doctor wrote the order to start her on bottles ASAP.

I sat dumbfounded. "Wow. Are you sure she's ready? She just had her oxygen turned down."
He laughed, "We'll never know if she's ready if we don't try. Let's be bold."

They gave Eliot her first bottle on Tuesday morning. She had an appropriate first attempt - 5cc's (about 1 teaspoon). Then she sat back, exhausted from effort, and flashed a huge smile across her face - a big, gummy, bold smile.


Anonymous said...

Looking at the title of this blog, I'm thinking China hacked into your blog. You might want to reset your password.

:-) It makes me so happy to see Eliot taking a bottle! Give her a big congratulatory kiss from her Aunt JuJu...and one for Little O, too, so he doesn't feel left out.

Rachael M. said...

She's so funny! She's looking like, "THIS TASTES SO GOOD!"

Anonymous said...

Zoe loved seeing the pictures of Owen and Elie. She pointed to them and "talked" up a storm.

It's great that Owen and Elie are both on an upper together!

Love Baba

Anonymous said...

THAT is awesome!!! Carissa xo