Friday, February 29, 2008


Owen is doing a little better on his new med for reflux - Prevacid. He is still gagging quite a bit, and has now learned how to spit-up. Grreeeat. This has caused him to make an inordinate amount of laundry and to drop a few ounces this week. He is now down to 6 lbs., 15 oz (from 7lbs., 1oz.). After a three-day hiatus from bottles, he attempted and completed his first bottle today. The congestion, however, is still causing him to struggle during his feedings, so the docs wrote orders for him to wear a humidified helmet at night to help ease his nose. Snot happens, as they say.

Elie Mak continues to struggle. Her feeding tube has now been placed farther down so that it reaches the beginning of her intestines. This will give her a better chance of keeping the food down. She has been so sensitive lately that you can't even pick her up. (Of course, that's the only thing I feel like doing right now.) Her feedings were being delivered over a 2-hour period to reduce the effects of reflux, but she has now been put on continuous feeds so that a big bolus of food doesn't upset her stomach. I'm really hoping they remember to wean her from this 24-hour a day eating schedule before she goes home. This mommy drive-thru closes at midnight.

This week just hasn't been good. It doesn't even make a good blog, that's how blah it's been.


Rachael M. said...

Poor kiddos!!!!!


It always gets better. Don't think for a second this time will be any different, ok?

Hugs to you, Bugs and the belly-ache twins.

Anonymous said...

Guys, you are always in our prayers and thoughts, stay positive, it WILL get better.
Love Carissa, Gael and Jakey xo