Thursday, February 7, 2008

suck it!

Owen and Elie get their breast milk through a feeding tube - the food goes down the tube and dumps into their stomachs. Seems like the epitome of laziness, but the real reason the tube is used is because the coordination to suck, swallow and breathe at the same time doesn't set in until about 36 weeks gestation. The twins are now 34.

They decided to try Owen at the bottle, but the nurse told me not to get too excited about his first feeding. Most preemies have a lot of trouble with sucking on a bottle nipple - especially the first time. It usually takes them many tries before they can get into a good routine. But Owen isn't like other preemies. He's an overachiever, just like his daddy. I knew he could do it.

They gave the little guy his very first bottle on Monday morning, and he was able to take half of it. He had a minor setback on Tuesday (mommy won't count that one), and then got right back in the game by taking 30 of his 34 cc's of food yesterday. Everyone was so impressed (and surprised!) with his coordination. Man does that kid suck. I mean, he rocks.


Rachael M. said...

I love being able to say, "YOUR KID SUCKS!" and it's a compliment.

Keep it up, Owen!

Elie is next!!!

amy said...

Yeah for Owen! I work across the street at Scottish Rite and have been so encouraged by your attitude on this blog..

I think Owen and Ellies parents rock!

Gina said...

So, over a decade ago, I met the most beautiful, chipper, glass-is-ALWAYS-half-full red head. She was annoyingly perfect. Some would say our personalities couldn't be more different, but we became fast friends. More than that, she became like a sister to me: she was there for me during failed romances, a two year struggle with sickness and treatment, stood next to me on my wedding day, drove two hours to arrive just in time to hear my baby (also a preemie) cry for the first time.

She will love you unconditionally, because that is the way she loves. She will be proud of you every single day, and she will make sure you feel it. Owen and Eliot, that is who you are lucky enough to have as a role model. That is your mom.