Friday, February 22, 2008

bath time!


Rachael M. said...

That little girl was PISSED at you for putting her in that water.


Anonymous said...

GREAT video! So "clean" it's rated G. Owen obviously is the water kid...get him on the knee board. Elie may hang out on shore with Jackson.

Beautiful kids. Sorry I'm sick and can't see them in person.


gina said...

Doggone it. Now my uterus hurts. Happens every freaking time I see those ultra cute babies. It's like my eggs are trying to convince me that Seph should not be an only child.

Dear Lord, how cute are they???? And how did they get so big in so little time?? (A phenomenon, by the way, that will continue to amaze you from now on.)

Give my best girl and boy a kiss from me and tell them I love them.

Now I have to go calm my overactive uterus.

Vera said...

How cute, precious and what personalities already developing!
So eager to see these little ones one day soon! One question - where's Mom in the pics!
Enjoy and our prayers continue with you and your family.
Vera Agonafer