Thursday, January 31, 2008

10 things

Ten things I wish my children could understand now:

- Your life will not be full of blood tests, x-rays, and bad news. There are beautiful things in this world, and you will have time to discover many of them;
- You can live without your wires, tubes, needles, and monitors, and you will;
- There are people all over the world - people that are related to you; people that are friends; and people that none of us know nor ever will. They are all praying for you, thinking of you, and rooting for you, and it is giving you strength - we are sure of it;
- You are blessed to have two grandmas and two grandpas that can't wait to hold you. They will teach you a lot of lessons on life and love, and you will be better people because you learned from them;
- You are also lucky enough to have three aunts, two uncles, and four beautiful cousins who are anxious to meet you, share with you, and play with you;
- You have two dogs that are waiting for you at home. One will lick your face, and let you take a nap on him. The other will try to nip your diaper butt. (Don't worry. We can send her to Grandma's.);
- This will not be the last difficult experience in your life. But, we hope that you take away just enough of your NICU journey to prove the tenacity of your body and spirit;
- Your ability to overcome this struggle has proven that you are on this Earth for a reason. You are destined for awesome things, and there are plenty of people who will join your fan club to cheer you on (but they will have to wait in line behind your mom and dad);
- Your parents love each other, and they love you;
- Great people come in preemie packages.


Bre said...

we really miss u Ms.Axt. we hope that u and yur babies have the best time.
Your 4th period class really misses u
and we hope u the best

Anonymous said...

That brought tears to my eyes!!! So well written, give the twins a kiss for us, Love Carissa, Gael and Jake xo