Thursday, January 24, 2008

rock bottom

It hasn't been a good week for the Axt family. Eliot got more and more sick as the week progressed. Her CRP level - which had started to decline and was at 6 on Monday - went up Tuesday morning, again on Wednesday, and one more slap in the face to round things out this morning. I feel like I'm walking in water.

We will still be in the dark for a few days, as it takes 48 hours for blood cultures to come back. When you are waiting for an answer about the cause and extent of sickness in your child, 48 hours seems like an eternity. Every "down" on this roller coaster ride has been difficult, but this - by far - is the absolute worst. We have hit rock bottom, friends. And it's hard.

I wish I had better news to blog about today. But more than that, I wish I had some good news to give Eliot. She deserves it.


Rachael M. said...

I'm so sorry for Ellie. She is strong, though. You know that. And please be sure that you and Mike are taking care of yourselves, too. I know it's not easy to take time for yourself, but you just gotta.

Love y'all!

Vikingson said...

Peter and I think about you every day. I pray that things turn around soon. We love you ALL.

Nicole P. said...

Man that sucks (for lack of any other words to decribe the situation)! All queens have bad times but they sure know how to fight back. And we know Queen Ellie is a proven fighter along with brother, mommmy and daddy Axt. Your family and friends are here to lean on and help you through these tough times and celebrate the good times too. So call us, write us, ask us to help take care of you - you deserve it too. Sending our love and prayers, Nicole, Greg, and Morgan

John And Zan said...

The darkest hours are always before the dawn. Everyone is pulling for you and the babies.Hang in there and God will look after them. We are thinking of you!
John and Zan

Rich Kresge said...

Ellie's history short though it maybe, is that of a fighter. We have faith in her that she will fight this set back off also.

Rich(Kresge) & Eunice