Monday, January 7, 2008

queen eliot

Eliot has become famous in the NICU for her "Queen" attitude.  She has been known to throw a serious temper tantrum when she has a dirty diaper, or she wants to be turned on her belly.  I didn't believe the nurses who told me about Ellie's meltdowns.  But, I witnessed a very scary episode today . . . and oh my, this baby has skills.

i think there might be something in my diaper.
if i beat my arms up and down, i'm sure someone will respond.
what?  no one came running?  you sorry souls - you leave me no choice.
one last deep breath for sustained screamability . . . and . . . 

queen eliot needs a new diaper right NOOOOOOW!!!!!!

The loyal servants came running to wipe and wash Queen Eliot's dirty derriere, and she slept happily ever after . . . until the next poop.

1 comment:

darragh said...

OH MY you are going to have so much fun.
I am so happy for you guys. I hope I can be of some help with the little poopers when you all home.
Love Auntie Darragh