Tuesday, January 15, 2008

butt what?

We have always said that Eliot got the brunt of Owen's eagerness to enter the world so early - collapsed lung, five blood transfusions, and heart surgery. And all the while, Owen lay in his bed, flirting with the nurses and smiling the day away. Well, this afternoon, Owen got his fair share.

Fully recovered from his infection, Owen now looks and feels great. But the doctors felt one more exam was in order - a barium enema. Butt what? The x-ray film from the enema will show the motility of his large intestine and ensure that there are no strictures or blockages. I visited him right after his test, and his eyes were hilariously wide and dismayed.

If you listened closely, you could hear Eliot giggling uncontrollably.

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Rachael M. said...


I've had food poisoning since Friday, and am just now coming around to feeling better, and so I know how he feels.


His face is cracking me up in that picture.