Wednesday, March 5, 2008


We had a good day yesterday. I guess "good" is relative. The twins' acid reflux was not debilitating; that's a good day in my eyes.

Owen finished three bottles yesterday, and he is attempting four today. His reflux still visibly bothers him, but he is able to work through the burn and eat. Total G.I. O material.

Eliot is still struggling with her reflux, but her respiratory issues have gotten better in the past couple of days. She is now at .5 on the nasal canula - down from 1. The next step for her will be room air. That baby - with no oxygen tube around her face - will be a joyful sight. She will attempt a bottle today from the physical therapist, and will hopefully be able to start moving toward a more normal feeding schedule - instead of 24 / 7. I pray her bottle goes well. Yesterday, the physical therapist told me that she is showing signs of oral aversion - gagging when a pacifier comes near her - and she may need extra therapy to work up to bottle feedings again.

"Great," I said. "Well, I have an extreme aversion to the NICU. Do you have some therapy for that?

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