Sunday, March 16, 2008

makin' his way home

Owen is scheduled to come home on Monday - one day before his due date. I can't believe it.

Here's our discharge list:

circumcision: ouch, but check
eight bottles: yummy check
eye exam: "can't see great, but I'm not even supposed to be born yet" check
hearing exam: Monday morning
one-hour car seat test: today (Mike and I are prepared to hold our breath for the entire hour)

I don't even know how I'm feeling. This whole experience is totally surreal. Most people go to the dry cleaners to pick up their clothes; on Monday morning we will go to the hospital and pick up our kid.

Results of the car seat test will be posted soon. Stay tuned as Owen makes his way home . . .


Anonymous said...

We want to wish you the best of luck! You are in our prayers!

- Julia and the Durham Family

Rich Kresge said...

Its nice Owen gets to come home. Too bad Elie has to wait for her homecoming. If we can look for something good here, at least you can get into somewhat of a parenting routine with one baby, before you have to work out a schedule with 2 babies. Owen will be your test baby, and Elie can benifit from his experience. We wish you only good times with both babies!