Saturday, March 29, 2008


Finally Friday. The end of a really bad week. Thank goodness.

Because of Eliot's inability to swallow, we have been forced to find a solution that will enable her to continue to feed - without taking food by mouth.

After much grappling, we have decided to proceed with a G-J tube - a surgical procedure that threads a special soft feeding catheter into the small bowel.

The surgery is tentatively scheduled for Friday. It is a quick procedure, and a short, 2-day recovery time. We are rightfully worried and scared, but are confident that this is the best decision for Eliot. Her throat needs time to heal, and the G-J tube will give it the rest it needs. We are hoping that the tube will only be used for the short-term, and that her vocal chord will come back to life soon.

Cried about it? Yes.
Said "It isn't fair." Repeatedly.
Thrown a tantrum? Yes, 7 to be exact.

But, if someone had found me the day I had my 27-week twins - sitting in my 5th floor post-partum room, scared out of my hospital gown - and said: "The twins will be fine. But Eliot will need more time to heal and feed." I would have said, "Done." I would not have hesitated on that deal for a second.

Our NICU story, though scary, is actually a good one. That's what we choose to remember.

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Rachael M. said...

I'm glad to hear that they think this might actually help instead of just be a temporary solution. She's been an amazing girl for the last four months - she's not going to stop now.