Monday, March 17, 2008


Elie did not test positive for an infection. Awesome news. The doctors were initially worried because her belly got round and distended suddenly, but it turns out she was just full of poop. They gave her a laxative, and they are letting her take her time emptying her intestines. She literally has her own little corner on the 2nd floor where she poops, smiles, passes gas, and smiles some more.

And speaking of passing, the little guy got an A+ on his car seat test (second time's a charm). He's coming home tomorrow! The last thing we have to do is get trained on his home monitor.

The doctors asked if we would sleep better if Owen went home on a monitor to measure his heart rate and oxygen saturation levels.
"Of course," I said.
"No problem. We can set that up. How long do you think you will want it?"
"Ummmm . . . until he's nineteen?"
"No, Ms. Axt. We were thinking just a couple of weeks."

So, Owen will be home tomorrow night. Home. He will be in this house that we bought with kids in mind. He'll meet his dogs and see his room. I'll change his diapers on the changing pad that I've been staring at for months. I'll feed him when he's hungry, and I'll be there when he cries - every time he cries. I'll hold him and love him and snuggle him for as long as he can take it. Owen is coming home. Pass the tissues, please.

I'm ready mom and dad!

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Rachael M. said...

HEY! I recognize that kid AND that blankie!!!