Tuesday, February 2, 2010

top ten

I know this guy who opens his computer first thing every morning, and checks to see if anything has been posted to Two Early. And, even though he's part of our family, the post is almost never about him.

But today is different.

The top ten reasons why I Iove my husband:

10. You help out with everything. You change diapers. You do dishes. You pay the bills. And you never complain or whine about any of it.

9. You tell me I'm a good mom, and you use examples that make me believe it.

8. You are a total hands-on dad. You are on the floor with the twins within five minutes of walking in the door from work. They love every minute they get to spend with you - though they would prefer that you come home at noon every day!

7. You are such a solid person. Your "ups" aren't too high, and your "downs" aren't too low. You are the perfect medicine for a woman who considers herself borderline manic.

6. You never hold grudges (which is pivotal to our relationship). :)

5. I can go to the mall and bring home a pair of pants in your size - any fabric, any brand - and they will undoubtedly look amazing on you. Never mind; I take this one back. I don't love this about you. It's actually kind of obnoxious. It takes me a year to find a decent-fitting pair of pants.

4. You don't need to be the life of the party, and you don't get louder and dumber with every beer. I have always appreciated that about you.

3. You have this weird Type-A, Adrian Monk thing going on that I find hilarious. You like when everything has its place, and I could care less - which makes for a very interesting house most of the time (and a very lopsided bathroom - one sink is covered in crap, and the other sink is spotless).

2. You have a good answer for everything: "How do these jeans look on me?" "Where should we hang this picture?" "What the hell is Obama talking about?" You always sound smart, and not in a "that guy needs to shut up" kind of way.

1. We've been through a lot of tough times together, but you agree that the hard times have made us better people and a stronger "team." I can't imagine anyone I would rather have on my side.


Anonymous said...

oh my god... that is the most AMAZING post! you're such a lucky girl! :)
love, suz

Rich Kresge said...

I really enjoyed reading this. As short as our visit was with you guys in Georgia, I could see the Mike you just described in this post. You two so compliment each other. Ellie & Owen couldn't ask for any better parents.

Anonymous said...

I hope that I get to meet Mike one day!! (and the twins for that matter!!!) Carissa xo

Satire said...

that made me tear. :']

Anonymous said...

what a great early Valentine present fromn a loving wife!

Anonymous said...

Geez - way to make a girl cry first thing in the morning! Very sweet post - you guys are amazing.