Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yesterday, Owen put his hand on the steam that was coming out of the humidifier.

"No, Owen," I said in my very stern mommy voice. "Hot. No touch."

I spent the rest of the day teaching them about things that are hot. Stove? Hot. No touch. Candle? Hot. No touch. Mike's little stereo whatchamajigger that makes the sound system all cool and guy-like. Hot. No touch.

So, this morning, Eliot walks over to the humidifier, and places her hand on top of the steam (uhh. hello?).
"Eliot, what did mommy say? No touch." She looked at her hand, and walked away happily.

Five minutes later, she came up to me and said, "Daddy's hot."
And I smiled, and said, "Yes, daddy is hot."
"No touch, mommy. No touch."


Manda said...

oh my that is FUNNY!!!!! :)

Rachael M. said...

I guess that means she's not interested in a younger sibling. LOL

Our humidifier is one of those "cool" steam ones, and it is loud and obnoxious. But Lilah and the cat like to play in the mist - as it were - and so I let them.

Mother of the year, I am!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE!!!!!! That is so cute :) Carissa

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha! That is great! They're getting so big!
Love, Suz

Avani said...

so cute....