Thursday, February 18, 2010

valentine's day

We made cookies, we made Valentine's cards, we played in the snow . . . We did it all!

No, Owie. Don't use the rolling pin like a baseball bat!

Niiiiice, Owen.

Eliot is very busy making cookies, and Owen is in the background eating handfuls of dough.

Owen getting caught by his grandma.

Showing daddy how much dough he has in his belly.

Eliot's trouble face.

Thanks, Mike, for teaching the children how to say "cheeesssee" for the camera.

Now, they look ridiculous in all of their pictures.

1 comment:

Viking said...

omg that is hysterical! I cannot believe how big they are getting and Eliot has so much hair!! Speaking of big, I'm HUGE! :)