Tuesday, October 14, 2008

you tube? no. g-tube.

We're back to the hospital. But only for a couple of days this time.

After ten long months with an n/g tube, Eliot is having a g-tube placed. Her long struggle with an eating aversion has given us no choice but to proceed with a surgically placed tube in her stomach. We are hoping that getting the tube out of her throat will help with her feedings (and her parents' sanity).

Please think of Elie Mak this Friday afternoon, and pray for an easy, quick recovery!


Vikingson said...

We are praying for her and know she will make a quick recovery! Love you guys.

paige and lauren said...

you go elie mak! jesse mak is crossing his legs for you. (not quite able to cross fingers yet)

Rachael M. said...

Oh, Miss Elie...soon you'll learn to chew chew chew and won't need that silly old thing!

Get better supersoon!

Kisses from Aunt Rachey!