Wednesday, July 9, 2008

new noises

We got home from the lake last Thursday. We cut our trip a little short because Owen came down with a cough. We took him to the pediatrician, and he was diagnosed with a cold.

It was probably good that we came home early though. Eliot bottomed out on her bottle feedings, and refused to take anything by mouth at the lake. It was good times all around. I decided it couldn't get much worse, so on Thursday night, I switched her bottle nipple to a totally different brand. (They do not recommend ever switching anything on a baby with feeding problems; it is just undue stress.) I guess the change was good because she took the whole bottle. The whole damn thing. She hasn't taken an entire bottle since May. :) She was doing great with her new NUK nipple until Saturday morning when she woke up with a cough.

Behold the joy of having twins . . .

Luckily for everyone, the twins have managed to fight this little cold, and not let it turn into anything serious. Because of their undeveloped immune systems, preemies can't fight off what a normal baby can. The fear of any parent of a premature baby is the common cold - that turns into pneumonia - that turns into another hospital stay.

I worried. But, it looks like they are both recovering well.

In other news, we took Eliot for an ENT appointment yesterday. Her left vocal chord is still paralyzed, but her right is compensating well, meaning she should start getting more of a "voice." She has begun to make some fun, new noises in the past few days. You'll have to turn up the volume, but here's little Elie enjoying her baby crack. I mean, her bouncy seat.

(There is a clear "uh-ooh" in this video. That's just Owen trying desperately to get some camera time.)


Rachael M. said...

She totally loves that thing!!!

Glad they're ok!

Nicole H. said...

EEK! So cute.

And Owen is clearly a genius, already saying "uh-oh". He's verbal, like his mama.