Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the five of us

The five of us go for a walk every day. Two dogs, two kids, and me. Everyone in the neighborhood has something to say when they see us coming:

"You've got one of everything, don't ya?"
"Looks like you're a busy mama!"
"Quite a circus you've got there!"

Yea, yea, yea.

I walk as long as the twins will let me. I just keep going, and hope they keep sleeping; I'm convinced this daily routine keeps me sane. Sometimes we walk for thirty minutes, sometimes a couple of hours. But with the unrelenting summer humidity, it can get pretty unpleasant for my fur babies. Poor little China, a 10-year old Yorkie, would love to keep up with us, but neither her age, nor her four-inch legs are in her favor, so sometimes she just gives up - all paws out, pink tongue dangling. "No more, mom. No more."

Before the twins, I used to pick up China, and carry her home. But now, my hands are filled with a double-wide stroller.

Then, I found the answer . . .

And check out China now riding first class in the cargo room below!

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Anonymous said...

China is TEN years old!!! I remember visiting you when you very first got her, she wasnt even toilet trained!!!! Wow thats a long time since I've seen you : So when are you and your brood coming to Australia???!!! Love Carissa