Thursday, May 29, 2008


You cannot reason with a 5-month old.

I told Eliot that she has no choice; she has to eat. "There are very little options in life if you refuse to eat." That's what I said.

"On some level, I'm sure eating can be a very scary experience." I told her that I understood her fear. (I don't really, but I told her that.)

I told her that eating will get easier, and that she just has to practice. She will need this mentality when she starts playing the violin. Or soccer. Mike made me add "soccer."

I lectured her about focus; about persistence; about the joy of attaining a goal.

She looked at me intently, confidently, and then proceeded to close her eyes, and fall asleep in my arms - her untouched, full bottle sitting lonely on the coffee table.

And I learned one thing from my lecture with Eliot today: you cannot reason with a 5-month old.

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Rachael M. said...

God, what is it with BABIES and PETS! They just think they can walk around, or crawl, or lay there, doing whatever they want and they never have to mind you.