Friday, December 28, 2007

together again!

When the twins were born, they were unable to find two cribs next to each other (I know they are incubators, but I still call them cribs), so Owen was put in Pod B, and Eliot was put in Pod F.   Mike and I would spend an hour in one, and the next hour in the other - feeling guilty if we spent too much or too little time with one.  We kept wondering if the twins ever missed each other; after all, they did spend over six months together in very close quarters.

We continued to ask the NICU nurses to move Owen (Ellie was always too unstable) so he could be closer to his sister, and we waited patiently for a spot to open up near her.

Tonight, a spot opened near Owen, and we asked if Eliot could be moved.  Since she has been so stable for the past few days, they decided to move her crib next to her brother's. Something in me tells me that they each know the other is there. Since Eliot got moved, both babies have made continuous improvements every day.  What a reunion!

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