Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Some pics from our one-week lake vacation with the extended Axt family.

The Axt girls threw our new boy a baby shower!

And Owie was happy to attend because they had cupcakes.

Cousins getting ready for story time. I love how Owen and Zoe are two of a kind, and Eliot and Elijah sit toward the back and roll eyes at them.

Story with Uncle Mike/Daddy.

Heading to the lake with CeCe.

Ski biscuit rides with Dad . . .

And boat rides with BaBa.

More stories with CeCe . . .

And a special rendition of "The Little Engine that Could" with BaBa.

Eliot taking her turn on the knee board.

Great group shot with the grandkids.

Oh no! Where did Owen learn this face?

And where did El learn this one?

Ahhhhh . . . makes perfect sense.

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