Wednesday, June 23, 2010

long time, no blog

It's been forever . . .

The twins ended their Parents' Morning Out program a week before Hilton Head, and then, after our vacation at the beach, we got to spend two weeks just hanging out together. Every day. Five days a week. A pregnant mommy running after two-year old twins. In 90 degree Georgia heat. And it was great, but absolutely exhausting.

They have since started a new camp, and we've all been enjoying our first few weeks of summer. Just look at all of the things we've done:

We went sliding on slides . . .

and perfected head first.

We ran through the sprinkler,

and learned about water guns! (Boy was it fun to shoot daddy when he got home from work.)

We went to a water park for a friend's birthday party,

and came home to our back yard to play in the pool.

BaBa and CeCe took us to the zoo

where we rode the merry-go-round,

the choo-choo,

and a baby giraffe!

We went out to dinner with mom and dad,

and ate snacks at the pool after swim lessons.

We learned all about the ocean at summer camp,

and made all of these cool projects, too!

We sang "Pop! Goes the Owen" in an old coffee machine box,

played in the closet with our cousin, Dylan,

and welcomed our new cousin, Barrett, to the family.

We watched some World Cup soccer,

and then drank our disappointment away . . .

We rode on Paw-Paw's boat . . .

and convinced him to go FAST!

We posed for the camera,

(25 weeks!)

and then popped some serious 'tude (as well as popped some serious belly button, as displayed in previous photo).

And, we learned that it only takes twenty seconds,

to climb into a cup

of chocolate freakin' pudding.

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Rachael M. said...

Well, there you go, being the cutest pregnant woman on earth again.