Sunday, April 25, 2010

thank you!

Thank you all so much for your very generous donations to the March of Dimes. We raised over $2,000 this year, and despite a massive thunderstorm that parked itself right over the walk's course yesterday, we showed up to support our twins, and to celebrate - for another year - their beautiful, magical, miraculous lives.

We also participate in the March for Babies walk every year to support our friends we met in the NICU, our friends who have children with delays and disorders, our online friends who have stories similar to our own, and our friends who have lost their own babies.

I stared at the start line of the walk, and watched the rain and wind nearly blow all of the canopied tents over. Owen and Eliot looked at me from their jogging stroller, like, "Mom. This is nuts. I think I just heard a tornado siren." But, just the fact that they were there, and other preemies were there, and families were walking, and cheering, and smiling in support of babies everywhere was an inspiring sight. And I promise, none of it was lost on me. None of it.

So thank you so very much. Your donation will go to an amazing cause.

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