Sunday, March 21, 2010

owen's gotcha day

We went to the grocery store on Monday, and I let you pick out your favorite flower for your "Gotcha Day" party on Wednesday. You picked the gigantic, beautiful sunflowers that stuck out of the "dozen roses for $10" crowd. Of course you did. That's just you. Attention-getting, bold, and bright. So, of course you would pick the sunflower. It made perfect sense.

Owie, this year has been so. much. fun. From collecting sticks in the backyard, to watching you pull down your pants in the neighborhood Mexican restaurant (and then smile when you got applause from the crowd) - from "painting" the fence endlessly with water, to watching you smile, aim, and pee on Elie in the bathtub, your big personality makes an . . . ummmmm . . . an impression on everyone.

One of your girl friends at school named her doll "Owina" after you; another girl (an older woman; she's four) talks about you so much at home that her mom asked the school director, "Which boy is Owen? My daughter loves him"; your teachers at school - EVERY one - has a crush on you. And none of it comes as a surprise to me. Awwww, you love my Owie? Well, what's not to love?

You follow some of the rules most of the time, and you're game to try anything - the more dangerous, the better. You share all of your toys with your sister, and you know how to turn on every radio in the house to find music you can dance to. You like to test everything in your mouth first - from spicy salsa, to bubbles, to play doh, and you - unlike any other - can squash Eliot's crabbiness in a second by lying on top of her and rolling back and forth (which I have to pretend to not see, so that I can sit back and watch). And that laugh. Oh my god. Your laugh can still quiet a crowd.

You're just a good kid, Owen. The kind of kid that parents hope for. Full of joy, adventure, good times, and energy. Congratulations on your 3rd at-home anniversary. We're glad we gotcha.

Look at my boy!

A new bubble bucket.

And a new bicycle!


Eliot driving Matchbox cars on her Grandpa.

I'm pretty sure Owen is sticking the bubble wand INTO El's mouth.

Eliot loved getting her very own apple.

Yum, yum.

Eliot's "I'm going to steal your new bike tonight" look.


Viking said...

And I'm crying now. Happy homecoming anniversary, Owen!

Manda said...

looks like they both had fun. Owen and eliot are both superr cute!!!

Rachael M. said...

Oh Happy Day!