Thursday, April 16, 2009

march for babies - join us!

There is a story going around the blogosphere about a little girl named Maddie.

Maddie was born at 29 weeks, and, like all tough-willed preemies, she fought hard to survive her first few months. She had been home for over a year - big, beautiful, happy eyes and a HUGE personality; she meant everything to her parents. Maddie was doing very well, but a couple of weeks ago, she came down with some congestion and a cough. The next morning she was in the hospital, and the next day, Maddie passed away.

I have been completely torn up for days by the passing of this little girl. I didn't know Maddie, but her story was so much like my own children's. As preemie parents, we sometimes think that the roller coaster ride ends when we leave the NICU. But the struggles continue for these kids, and the repercussions of their early births continue to haunt.

My heart aches for this family - as if the long, awful trip through the NICU isn't enough. Now this? Life can be so unfair. Please pray for some peace for Heather and Mike Spohr - the parents of Maddie.

Prematurity can affect anyone at anytime. My contractions started at 20 weeks, and to this day, no one knows why. If Michael and I choose to have another child, no one can guarantee that my body will carry it to term. But, the March of Dimes is working to find answers, and that's why I am asking for your support.

Please come and walk with us on April 25th at Centennial Park at this year's March of Dimes, March for Babies. If you can't walk, consider making a donation . . .

Because babies like Owen and Eliot deserve to be honored for the fights that they have fought;
Because babies like sweet, little Maddie deserve to be remembered . . .

To read more about Maddie Spohr, please visit her web site:

To walk with or donate to Team Two Early, please visit:

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