Thursday, January 15, 2009

first word

Owen said ma-ma. Okay, fine. He said da-da. He says da-da ALL day long . . .


paigehightower said...

have jesse and owen been hanging out again??? jesse refuses any "ma" sounds and says "da da da" all day long!!! with 2 mommies, it's not going over so well:)

Rachael M. said...

They always pull that "Da-Da" stuff. It's so wrong.

Cute, but wrong.

Stacie said...

Hi there! I got a chance to make it over here. Your babies are absolutely adorable!

I have to say that we have conversations much like this at our house, only pepper it with dada and uh oh. Mama doesn't come in much unless they want something, which I am sure foreshadows my life for the next twenty years! :-)

Thank you again for your lovely note and for de-lurking!