Sunday, December 14, 2008

1st birthday party

Happy Birthday to two . . . Happy Birthday to two . . .

What a great party. Four grandparents, four cousins, two aunts, one uncle, and a mom and a dad . . . Add to the mix "almost one-year old" twins, and, well, Mike and I are tired.

The twins had so much fun; I'll post some video footage later. They turn one this Wednesday. ONE. I can't believe we all made it through the first year; surely the Axt family is due for a little less drama in 2009 (can I get an AMEN?).

Are there calories in that hat? If so, give that girl another!

Owen on his new rocking horse.

Elie Mak playing at her new music table.

Celebrating with cousins!


Jill said...

Happy Happy Birthday Owen and Eliot! I have really enjoyed following your journey this past year and can't wait to see what you will be up to next year. Stay sweet.
Love, Nurse Jill

paigehightower said...

you can get an amen from me sister