Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Rice cereal is gross, so we are quickly moving Elie on to vegetables. Most doctors recommend that you start with the worst tasting vegetables first because if you give a child yummy, sweet fruit first, then they will never get a taste for yellow and green vegetables. Makes sense to me.

Our feeding therapist disagreed with this mentality for Eliot though. Since she is such a poor eater, the goal is to find something that she likes, and then let her explore food from there. I still wanted to start with vegetables, so we began with the delicious sweet potato.

Now, how can I possibly get frustrated with a face like this?

Our G.I. doctor recommended Owen also move on to solids since he is taking in so much formula these days (sometimes over 32 ounces). We started him on rice cereal, and he thinks it's the greatest food ever. He closes his lips, chews, swallows, and laughs. When he has had his tablespoon of cereal, he cries until I give him a couple more bites. He will be moving on to vegetables later this week, but he won't be starting with sweet potatoes. Because he is such a good eater, and because icky rice cereal went so well, we will be starting him on daa-dee-daa-daa . . . green peas.


Rachael M. said...

Her face isn't saying that she *LOVES* sweet potatoes, though, mom.

He's gonna be so jealous when he finds out she gets sweet potatoes and he gets green peas. He'll be pea green with envy!

*bah dum cha!*

Nicole said...

Poor Elie looks like the sweet potatoes completely stunned her. What a face!!!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know i'm still reading, so keep posting! I can't get over how much they've changed! oh, and dan quayle called to tell you there's no e on potato... :)

Rich Kresge said...

Sounds great! So does this mean when Elie starts eating all her foods that she can get rid of that feeding tube?